THAT’S ME 00:07:59

Target Audience

Youth and adults

Key Issues

Gay and lesbian issues
Living positively
Stigmatisation and discrimination
Care and support

Film Outline

In Zimbabwe President Mugabe has said that gay people are “worse than pigs or dogs”. To be HIV positive on top of that is even more shameful in the eyes of society. Acceptance is the theme of this inspiring film about a young drag queen. Life with HIV can still be celebrated, he tells us, as long as you acknowledge sexuality and love the virus.

Questions For Discussion

  • What is the message of this film?
  • How does Peter meet the challenges of being gay and HIV positive? Can you sympathise with him?
  • What makes it possible for Peter to live so positively?
  • What difference does his family’s attitude make to his life?


A lyrical film set in Zimbabwe that celebrates life and beauty.

We follow an anonymous transvestite from the graveside of a family member to his living-room, to his twentieth birthday party and to his family home to meet his parents and his brother. Along the way he shares his philosophy of life: acceptance.

Our hero has accepted his sexuality unconditionally and has been living with HIV for five years.  His secret to living with the virus is to love it. “I believe if you hate it, it kills you, if you love it you keep going.”

As he prepares for his birthday party, shedding jeans and dreadlocks for make-up, jewelry and a sexy evening dress, he talks about the importance of inner and outer beauty. If you want society to accept your sexuality, you have to accept it yourself, he tells us.

For him, this attitude has worked. His very traditional family, who love him for who he is, are his strength. And his friends look to him for lightness and celebration. He believes while there is a time for sadness, there must also be room for joy. 

After all, life is a gift from God.  

Director’s Biography: 

Sasha has worked on television news and feature films for the last three years. She was production coordinator on Lumumba, JBA productions, and is a field producer for the Associated Press Television News Roving Report series. Stories she has worked on include the access to antiretroviral treatment in South Africa and the recovery of Kisangani in the DRC. She has also been a consultant to the Panos institute in London and to Zimbabwean NGO’s.


Production Company            

Pangolin Films                


Sasha Wales-Smith            


Jackie Cahi


Patrick Lindsell


  • Themba Nyamweda
  • Peter Maringisanwa


Grett Hughes


Keith Farquharson

Professional Support          

  • Pedro Pimenta
  • Niels Pagh Andersen