TARIRO – HOPE 00:10:18


  • Tecla Tambandini
  • Bruce Musarurwa
  • Tinashe Mutsonziwa
  • Tevedzerai Chimuti
  • Yemurai Nyoni

Mentor Director: 

Rumbi Katedza





Target audience: 

  • Youth
  • Adults

Key issues: 

  • Living with HIV
  • Rape
  • Disclosure
  • Care and support
  • Breadwinner
  • Hope

Film outline:

Tecla Tambandini was raped as a young girl. Since then she has lived with HIV. Selling vegetables at the market the 24 year old is also the sole breadwinner of the family, taking care of her mother and two younger siblings.  Despite it all, she hasn’t given up and has learnt to take control of her life. 

Questions for discussion

  • How does the film make you feel?
  • What lessons can you learn from Tecla? 
  • What has helped Tecla deal with her situation? 
  • Why is it important to know your HIV status?     
  • Tecla’s dream is that one day we can have an HIV-free generation – what can you do to achieve this dream?