MXIT 00:05:15


  • Chad Dehahn
  • Ayesha Gasnola
  • Mishkah Kahn
  • Simone Lenders
  • Luzuko Mahlanza
  • Xolani Masango
  • Ilhaam Nazier
  • Ralton Pillay
  • Shanet Rutgers
  • Zita Sables
  • Tasneem Samodien
  • Shanice Viljoen

Mentor Director: 

Tim Wege


South Africa



Target audience: 

  • Youth
  • Adults

Key issues: 

Use of MXit amongst young people

Story outline:

There’s a new craze in Cape Town. MXit: a cellphone service that allows you to send messages at a very low cost, giving kids the chance to have long chats with both friends and strangers. While some kids at Kensington High School enjoy the benefits of this form of socialising, others view it more critically. Youth interview their peers about the advantages and disadvantages of MXit

Questions for discussion: 

  • What are the benefits and downsides of MXit? 
  • Are you on MXit and if yes, why? 
  • Have you or do you know someone who has had bad experiences with MXit? 
  • Should MXit be banned at schools? Why? 
  • Is there a danger of using things like MXit or the Internet for meeting people
  • What might those dangers be? How can we prevent it?