THE MOMENT 00:08:28

Target Audience

Youth and adults

Key Issues

Gender and sexuality

Film Outline

It is the moment just before penetration . . .
People from different backgrounds share their most personal thoughts about courtship and sexual behaviour in this funny and honest film.

Questions For Discussion

  • What is the message of this film?
  • Why is using a condom important?
  • At which moment do you decide to use a condom?
  • How do you talk about using condoms with your partner?
  • Whose responsibility is it to bring up the subject of condoms and who should be carrying them – the man or the woman?
  • One of the women says, ‘When he wants what he wants, there’s nothing you can do.’ How do you feel about this statement?
  • What are the problems women face when negotiating sex and condom use?


Nine people, representing a range of South African types, talk to us candidly about the art of seduction. The process of seduction is broken down into six stages, which are announced in caption form. Each person, sitting alone in a studio, reveals their personal strategies with regard to:

  • The moment you meet
  • The moment you connect
  • The moment you seduce
  • The moment you kiss
  • The moment you take your clothes off
  • The moment before penetration


Individual revelations are edited together against a backdrop of sexy music. The viewer becomes engrossed in what appears, at first, to be a fascinating investigation into South African sexual attitudes across a spectrum of age, race and gender. Aha, men are the same, whether black or white, gay or straight! Wow, old people have sex too? Hmmm, the young black woman seems more confident than the cautious, white woman. And so it goes on as the pace of editing increases and the background music becomes more and more frenetic. We are clearly building up to a climax.

Suddenly, just as it is getting really steamy, a caption asks us: At which moment do you decide to use a condom?

Director’s Biography:

Born in 1973 in Durban, Siyabonga Makhatini grew up in a small township, Lamontville, and later moved to Umlazi. He studied in England at a young age and finally completed his high school education in the USA. 

Siyabonga returned to South Africa to start a towing company and to study for a Law Degree. In 2001, he started working for Curious Pictures as an Associate Producer, and later received the opportunity to direct his first movie The Moment.

Directors’ Comments:

Briefly describe what your film is essentially about?

The film is about the moment just before sexual penetration. It seeks to
understand and enlighten people on the complexity of the moment, and perhaps
understand why despite high levels of AIDS awareness people still have
unsafe sex.  

What was your experience in the making of your film?

My experience in making the film was a truly enlighting one, because it helped to give me answers and questions with regards to people’s behaviour. It also taught me that to make a film is no piece of cake.

How would you describe the value of the message embodied in your film, to potential audiences?

To put it into one word: responsibility. Responsibility for yourself and others.

How would you describe your film in the context of HIV/AIDS?

“The condom before the condom” With people being aware of the complexities
involved, they can be better prepared to resist all temptations that might steer them the wrong way.


Production Company       

Curious Pictures


Siyabonga Makhatini    


  • Harriet Gavshon
  • David Jammy
  • Robbie Thorpe        


Robert Wilson


J.J. Le Roux        


Armin Ruede


Ghetto Ruff