Target Audience

Youth and adults

Key Issues


Living Positively

Care and Support

Film Outline

His doctor says he is looking good, but he doesn’t always feel so good. He is most honest when he films himself, when the camera he operates in his room catches a moment or a lingering self-portrait.

This documentary follows the life of Moalosi Thabane for twelve months as he starts taking antiretroviral medicines when his CD4 blood count drops to 82. ARV medicine became available in countries across Southern Africa for free for the first time in 2004. For those able to access the treatment, AIDS has become a chronic disease, no longer a life-threatening one.

Looking Good is an original, contemporary film about a change in perspective for those living with HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa.

Questions For Discussion

  • How does the film make you feel?
  • What are the messages of the film?
  • What does treatment involve?
  • Apart from ARVs what else does Moalosi need to do to live well?
  • What are the challenges of taking ARV?
  • Why does a person taking ARVs need support?
  • What role can you play in providing this kind of support ?