70 Minute Films

IT'S MY LIFE Zackie Achmat is an AIDS activist who refuses to take anti-retrovirals until they are made freely available. After defeating the multinational drug companies, he takes on the South African government for its... Read more

52 Minute Films

WA 'N WINA (Sincerely Yours) 52 minutes, South Africa Filmmaker Dumisani Phakathi returns to his old neighbourhood. With a camera on his shoulder, he engages with friends to discuss relationships, sex and love. Read more

26 Minute Films

LOVE IN THE TIME OF SICKNESS 26 minutes, South Africa At a boisterous and urbane dinner party, Khalo Matabane recounts to his friends an apparently innocent story about how he met a beautiful woman, chatted her... Read more

Short Films

TSOGA 8 minutes, South Africa A Soweto school made headlines after 70% of their students were reported to have tested HIV+. Read more

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Associated Films

SEARCH FOR ANSWERS 52 minutes, Finland Cuba and South Africa have much in common. They are both Third World countries and both have leaders with a long history of political struggle. Read... Read more

Youth Films

Girlhood We meet 5 teenagers sitting in a café in Cape Town, chatting, laughing, enjoying  themselves as teenagers do.  But these seemingly carefree young women have been through a lot. As each girl tells us... Read more